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 NFSA Training in the Southwest!

We will be finishing up a strong year of training in 2017 as we just completed a seminar in Roseville on September 19 – 21 and are now headed for a 2-day seminar in Modesto, CA. with a Sprinkler System Installation Requirements (NFPA 13, Chapter 8) class on October 25th and a Rough and Final Inspection of Sprinkler Systems class on October 26th.  As you can see below, we are already lining up classes in 2018 with the first class set for Tucson, Arizona in January.  To sign up for a seminar go to: seminars@nfsa.org 


2017 2018 Schedule 

Sprinkler System Installation Requirements (NFPA 13, Chapter 8), Modesto, CA.





Rough and Final Inspection of Sprinkler Systems, Modesto, CA.





Two Day Plan Review of Fire Sprinkler Systems, Tucson. AZ. 




1/16-17, 2018

Rough and Final Inspection of Sprinkler Systems, Tucson, AZ.




10/18, 2018

Technical Tuesday Series Schedule on NFPA 13 Section 8.15

“Special Situations”

October 17, 2017: Vertical Shafts, Stairways and Elevators:

Where are sprinklers required in vertical shafts, stairways, elevator equipment rooms and elevators shafts? The special situations included in NFPA 13 sections 8.15.2, 8.15.3, 8.15.4 and 8.15.5 will be reviewed.  NFPA 13 requires sprinkler protection in vertical shafts having exposed combustible construction. The basic requirements for installation of sprinklers, considerations for inspection and conditions allowing omission of protection in vertical shafts will be identified. Sprinkler protection requirements for stairways of combustible, limited combustible and noncombustible construction will be identified. Situations involving vertical openings for escalators, staircases and atriums will be reviewed. Sprinkler protection requirements for elevator equipment rooms and shafts will be identified. These requirements have evolved over the last several cycles and reviewed to demonstrate when sprinkler protection is required and when it can be omitted.  Presented by Jeff Hugo, Manager of Codes

November 21, 2017: Unusual Ceilings

The installation of complex and ornate ceilings has become the norm rather than the exception in many contemporary construction projects. Special situations involving spaces above ceilings, open grid ceilings, drop out ceilings, ceiling clouds and stepped ceilings will be reviewed. Architectural ceiling designs have continued to evolve beyond the limitations for cloud ceilings. The special ceiling situations included in the sub-sections of 8.15 will be reviewed. Sprinkler protection requirements and compliance options will be discussed for these unique and challenging ceiling configurations. Presented by Mark Hopkins, P.E., Vice President of Engineering

December 19, 2017: Other Special Situations

This session rounds out the special situation topics of NFPA 13, section 8.15, which has often been referred to as the “junk drawer.” A variety of miscellaneous and somewhat seemingly unrelated topics will be discussed including, library stack areas, glazing protection, revolving doors, and stages. Although these topics do not appear to be related, each has its own unique set of specialized sprinkler protection requirements and/or permitted omissions. Knowing how to provide protection for these conditions is important to ensure compliance. In addition, requirements for return bends, dry pipe underground and old-style sprinklers will be discussed. Presented by Jim Lake, Director of Training

Seminars qualify for NICET, Florida & Wisconsin CEU's.

NICET CREDITS (per class)-0.1 CEU/1 CPD

We are an ICC Preferred Provider.

SEMINARS BEGIN AT 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time  
Registration Fee: $50 per seminar for Members & AHJs/$150 per seminar for Non-Members.
(Certificates are available at an extra fee of $10 each, please contact seminars@nfsa.org for info)