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Fire Sprinkler Saves in the Southwest!!!

The month of September saw eight successful fire sprinkler saves in the Southwest!!!

September 1, Las Vegas, NV - Single fire sprinkler extinguishes apartment fire.  The Clark County Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire at the Hamptons Apartments, 3070 S. Nellis Blvd., near Vegas Valley Drive. Upon arrival crews reported light smoke in an apartment and evidence of a fire that had been extinguished by a single fire sprinkler  View the full post at http://sprinklersaves.com/2018/09/las-vegas-nv-single-sprinkler-extinguishes-apartment-fire/.

September 5, Napa, CA.  Napa, CA.  Fire sprinkler system activated for dryer fire in home.  A family was displaced when a dryer caught fire in a home closet on the 200 block of Walnut Street Monday night, the Napa Fire Department reported. The fire triggered a ceiling fire sprinkler.  A resident emptied two dry chemical extinguishers on the blaze, which was reduced in size by the time firefighers arrived. View the full post at http://sprinklersaves.com/2018/09/napa-ca-sprinkler-system-activated-for-dryer-fire-in-home/.

September 6, Santa Barbara, CA.  Electrical fire at homeless shelter extinguished by the fire sprinkler system.  A small fire at the Transition House homeless shelter in Santa Barbara was kept in check by fire sprinklers Tuesday evening. View the full post at http://sprinklersaves.com/2018/09/santa-barbara-ca-electrical-fire-at-homeless-shelter-extinguished-by-sprinkler-system-no-injuries-reported/.

September 9, Yuma, AZ.  A fire in trash compactor room at Target store suppressed by fire sprinkler system.  The Yuma Fire Department said a local store had to be evacuated Monday morning due to a fire.  YFD the fire was reported at about 9:40 a.m. at the rear of the Target store, located at 1450 South Yuma Palms Parkway. View the full post at http://sprinklersaves.com/2018/09/yuma-az-fire-in-trash-compactor-room-at-target-store-suppressed-by-sprinkler-system/.

September 14,  Reno, NV.  Fire at Tesla factory extinguished with help from fire sprinkler system.  A Tesla's factory building in the state of Nevada was evacuated late Saturday after a large oven used in the manufacturing process caught fire.  According to a statement issued by the U.S. leading electric vehicle manufacture on Sunday  View the full post at http://sprinklersaves.com/2018/09/reno-nv-fire-at-tesla-factory-extinguished-with-help-from-sprinkler-system-no-inj

September 14, Fresno, CA.  Restaurant fire knocked down by sprinkler system.  A popular Northeast Fresno is closed until repairs can be made after the fire broke out on Sunday.  Patrons of Five Restaurant at Champlain and Perrin were saddened to see one of their favorite spots to eat and drink was forced to shut down. You can view the full post at http://sprinklersaves.com/2018/09/fresno-ca-restaurant-fire-knocked-down-by-sprinkler-system/.

September 21, Honolulu, HI.  Overnight fire in 43-story condominium building doused by fire sprinkler system.  An automatic fire sprinkler doused a fire at the Keola Lai Condominiums shortly after midnight and one resident sustained a lower leg injury from the incident, Honolulu firefighters said.  Thirty-nine firefighters responded at 12:03 a.m. to the two-alarm building fire at 600 Queen St., said Honolulu Fire Department.  View the full post at http://sprinklersaves.com/2018/09/honolulu-hi-overnight-fire-in-43-story-condominium-building-doused-by-sprinkler-system/.

September 26, Stockton, CA.  Fire sprinkler system keeps semitrailer fire from spreading into warehouse at packaging company.  The cause and origin of a two-alarm fire Sunday night that burned two semitrailers, a train car and the roof of a nearby packaging warehouse in east Stockton remains under investigation  View the full post at http://sprinklersaves.com/2018/09/stockton-ca-sprinkler-system-keeps-semitrailer-fire-from-spreading-into-warehouse-at-packaging-company/.

And in a tragic fire in Brazil!  Fire sprinkler system not maintained, not enough pressure at the hydrants.  Police, protesters clash after Brazil's National Museum goes up in flames.  You can see the article with the following link:https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/03/americas/brazil-national-museum-fire-investigation-intl/index.html

 NFSA Existing Antifreeze System Rule-Making Guide is Available

For those of you who are living and working in some of the colder regions of the Southwest, the new “Existing Antifreeze Rule-making Guide” is available be found on our website.  The guide is based on the 2014 edition of NFPA 25 and can be found at:  http://www.nfsa.tv/itm_news_articles/2014%20Antifreeze%20Descision%20Making%20Guide.pdf


New OSHA Publication – Fire Services Features of Buildings and Fire Protection Systems is revised and available. 


To better protect emergency responders, OSHA has revised its manual, Fire Service Features of Buildings and Fire Protection Systems*. The manual explains how fire service operations can be affected by different building features, and it offers guidance for design professionals, code officials, fire service representatives, building owners and other stakeholders. Updates to the manual include more photos; new chapters on water supply and building phases; and new sections on energy conservation, emergency power, and numbering rooms and floors. The manual's information can help responders during fires and other emergencies such as hazardous material releases, emergency medical care, non-fire rescues and terrorist incidents.

NFSA Releases Video Series...The Truth About Residential Fire Sprinklers

Fire is fast! Fire sprinklers are faster! Homes and the contents within have changed and fire spreads faster causing homes to become deadly faster than ever before. Residential fire sprinklers play a vital role in keeping families safe from fire. Use this information to ensure fire sprinklers are maintained in the code and are required at the state and local level.

In this spirit, NFSA is pleased to share that we have uploaded new videos, created to address key questions posed regarding fire sprinklers in homes, to our YouTube© Channel. We encourage the use of these videos in a positive manner to educate all stakeholders. Their production is a result of efforts to present factual and educational information geared at encouraging an educated vote on the International Residential Code about specific items that have been questioned.

"We are excited to add resources to our life safety toolbox," explains NFSA President Shane Ray. "We encourage our life safety allies to engage in the process, be proactive and use these videos to help address the facts, and get more people involved in the codes process."

Together we can help educated voters make the decisions that create safer communities across America. For specific information on the ICC voting process, visit www.iccsafe.org .

We will be promoting the videos during a ten-week period, one video per week, on our social networks. Be sure to stay tuned to our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts for all the latest on this exciting and informative campaign. Join our social networks through the links at the bottom of this bulletin.

Please access the videos at http://bit.ly/1MByhwB